Get in to the right craft fairs and design markets, sell in a way that's natural and genuine without the sleaze and slime, grow your business and much more!

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Jane Kiely of

"I did my first design market on Sunday and it went really well. There was nothing I'd forgotten, I actually helped out a few other stands who were having trouble setting up, donating safety pins and stuff.

I'm a pretty anxious person when it comes to new environments so there was definitely the potential for stress but your advice really helped me to stay calm and made such a difference, I think it really let me relax about the logistics and concentrate on talking to people.

Of course I've been telling everyone about your course and will continue to do so, I'm really grateful!"

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From Idea to Reality: 60 days to Craft Fairs and Design Markets Success

From Idea to Reality: Get noticed,  make money from your creativity and grow your business!
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Want to make real money from your creativity, but struggling and confused about the idea of Craft Fairs & Design Markets?

  • Learn to get into the right craft fairs and design markets for your handmade business,
  • Master the skills to sell in a natural, genuine and authentic way,
  • Learn how to grow your business, expand your network of like-minded creative friends and more!

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