3 excuses stopping you from making sales and how you can overcome them

What would it mean to you, if you were the owner of a profitable and fulfilling creative business but the current reality couldn’t be further from this dream? Click on the link to discover the 3 reasons stopping you from making sales from your handmade goods and how you can overcome them! Or save the pin to read later!
What would it mean to you, if you were the owner of a profitable and fulfilling creative business but the current reality couldn’t be further from this dream?
  • Are you struggling to make sales online and the thought of selling face to face at markets makes you nervous and sweaty?
  • Do you feel confused about pricing your work and aren’t sure how much is fair to charge for your creative work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the preparation required to sell at a craft fair or design market? In between trying to figure out how much stock to bring, packaging, building a stall, public liability insurance and goodness knows what else – it’s just all too much!!
  • Are you on every social media platform promoting your business, but feel like you’re not getting any traction at all? Your number of fans are stagnant or fluctuate all the time, you barely receive any real comments (you’re sick of spam bot comments) and all your hard work is not converting into sales at all.
  • Have you tried selling at craft fairs and design markets before, only made $13 and decided that selling at fairs and markets sucked?
  • But despite all this, you know deep down in your gut that your creative business could thrive, if only you could get focussed and get some real direction to overcome these obstacles…

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I completely understand how you feel. I struggled with the exact same things too! Juggling the pressures of a full time job combined with tiring weeknights and weekends working tirelessly is exhausting. I wondered why people only liked and favourited my store but never converted into actual sales. I wasn’t gaining traction growing my fan base on social media and juggling all the other different aspects of business was enough to make me feel frustrated and hopeless! I know how you feel, because I experienced this too.

But want to know my secret weapon that helped me overcome all these obstacles? The channel I use that grows my social media following and email list, boosts my confidence and provides real proof that people love my jewellery and hand me their hard earned cash for it? It all came through overcoming the fear of ‘new territory’ (i.e. something I had never done before) and putting myself in front of opportunity and selling at craft fairs and design markets!

You might not know this about me, but I had a MAJOR fear of talking to strangers. I hated small talk and was nervous and afraid I’d make a fool of myself at my first craft show.

  • What would I talk to people about?

  • What if I get all tongue-tied and say something silly to embarrass myself?

  • What if I just suck at making sales and I make $0!?

But guess what? I slowly overcame these fears. How? I made it a priority to work on these areas and through much trial and error over many years, I’ve developed a comprehensive but simple system that’s helping me to naturally share my story, my brand and products with people and make consistent sales at craft shows now! People develop emotional connections to brands that they can identify with and relate to so it’s vital for you to develop and master these skills, so you can convert likers and favouriters into customers, build a fan base that’s engaged and excited about your products – which leads to… you guessed it, sales!

Secondly, I’ve been receiving heaps of responses from the Nerd Burgers Community, telling me that general preparation for craft shows and trying to translate your brand values and aesthetic from words into a reality for your stall is confused and overwhelming.

  • How do I know how much stock to make?

  • How much packaging should I bring?

  • How do I create a space that’s inviting, attractive, makes the most of my allocated space, won’t break the bank and is easy to transport?

Whether this is your first time at a craft show or you’re looking for a refresher or to completely revamp your look to be more aligned with your brand, I’ve got all my tried and tested tips and tricks to help you get organised, adequately prepare, attract the right people to your stall and say and do the right things so you can make sales without the slime and sleaze!

And did I mention that it’s the most amazing and happiest feeling, earning real cash (or swiping your customer’s fantastic plastic) from your products that you made from your own two hands? Sales are the lifeblood of your business and if you’re not making sales you don’t have much of a business. Often ‘making sales’ gets lumped into a category of being impossible, sleazy or pushy, but it doesn’t have to be.

Once you learn my simple but powerful sales strategy that positions selling as a service to your customers, this change in mindset will help you turn browsers into customers and have customers coming back again and again. If you’re struggling to make sales, there’s a system that’s easy and intuitive to help you do this, so you can start making some real money selling the products you love creating and keep doing what you love!

When you know the system and you’re making sales in a way that’s natural and authentic to you, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve progressed, you’ll feel proud you persevered even if you weren’t 100% sure where the path might lead you.

There’s no higher compliment that can be earned, seeing your customer beaming ear to ear, as they walk away, completely and utterly happy and satisfied with the customer experience you’ve crafted, the product you’ve made and you know they’re going away to tell their friends and family how awesome you are. WOW!

So tomorrow, I’m going to be telling you about an epic course I’ve been putting together for you to help you tackle and overcome these obstacles and more!

So what would it mean for you, if you were able to earn an extra $500 or $1000+ through your handmade business each month and put you on a path that would allow you to eventually quit your full time job and make a living income through doing what you do love everyday?

Leave your response in the comments below!

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Monica is a corporate cubical escape artist turned jewellery maker, designer and creative business infopreneur. She helps fellow artists, designers and makers launch and grow a handmade business they love.
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