Steal like an artist

As part of my goals for this year, I wanted to read one creative/design book a month. As part of the month of April (hehe, I’m so late at posting this book review), I read Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon.

Title: Steal like an artist

Author: Austin Kleon

68 word blurb:
A practical and fun book containing advice and tricks to help you kick-start your creative juices and get them revving today.

Collect ideas – let these swirl and smash together.
Bring these ideas to life today. Not tomorrow. Today.
Do the stuff you wanna see/hear/read about.
Go old school and reach for your pen and paper whilst playing around with ideas.
Multiple side projects and hobbies keep you stimulated.

Other comments?
I actually bought an e-copy of this from Amazon and downloaded it onto my Kindle at the end of last year. I planned to read it, but life got in the way and my kindle got buried underneath a bunch of things – so I totally forgot that I already had a copy.

I came along a copy of this at Kinokuniya and it looked really interesting to read, so I bought it.

So I actually have 2 copies of this. Oops – at least now I can lend the hardcopy to a friend!

Buy or borrow? Go buy it now!

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