Conversations with creative women vol 2

Title: Conversations with creative women, Volume 2

Author: Tess McCabe

50 word blurb: This is an easy-to-read book documenting a series of interviews with 16 Australian women and how they launched and grew their creative careers. The interviews are colourfully presented, allowing the reader to catch glimpses into the lives of these creative and successful ladies.

Other comments? Although inspiring to read about their journeys, I felt it was a bit shallow at times and didn’t really delve into their struggles enough nor how they managed to triumph through the hard times to get to where they are now. Also, it seemed as though a lot of opportunities just magically went *poof* for a lot of these ladies… and it was an upward spiral to success from there. Maybe a little luck is all we need for that kickstart to one’s creative career.

Buy or borrow? I’d recommend for you to borrow this book.

(Image credit: Made by Mosey)


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