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Get into the right craft fairs and design markets, confidently sell in a way that's natural and genuine to you, grow your business and start living the life you desire!

Get into the right craft fairs and design markets, confidently sell in a way that's natural and genuine to you and start living the creative business life you desire with our FREE 8 day email boot camp!

Join hundreds of makers, designers and creatives and learn how to earn real money from craft fairs and markets in the FREE boot camp!

What are students saying?

I make bags, purses and interior dolls. I´m just newbie so it was a great introduction to the ins and outs of the craft fair world :). I learned a lot from the boot camp! Now I now what to do and what to expect when my first craft fair is coming. Join the boot camp now, it's free and this is really worth every second!

Terhi Nousiainen

I make handmade cards and I was having difficulty thinking of ways to present my cards. The boot camp provided heaps of info on how to present my goods for sale at Craft Fairs. If you're considering joining, it's free, so just do it!! I'd recommend the boot camp for all craft fair vendors - both new and experienced.

Georgia Robjent

I'm a Jewelry maker and I was finding it difficult to find the perfect markets for my brand. I'm still reading the emails (I was out) but I'm loving them. I loved to learn about pricing, since it upgraded what I already knew! Going through the boot camp, you'll learn very much, so join in!

Andreia Ferreira

I create fibre arts- large wall hangings, macrame plant hangers, hand dyed decorative dream catchers, and well as small wares including: crochet, wood burned, and clay accessories. Initially I had the feeling that "my products aren't good enough" in comparison to the many other talented makers and artisans selling at craft fairs. But after going through the boot camp, I felt a sense of relief in knowing I'm not alone in feeling anxious about sharing my work, pricing, and selling my products to make a living. Your tips helped me organize my thoughts and concerns into a more productive strategy of concurring the world of being a full time maker.

Fellow makers do the boot camp! :) What is there to lose? I really enjoyed this format! I was able to read each course at my own pace and also really loved the worksheets you provide to offer further organization and strategy!

Sarah Blatt

I'm a calligrapher and I sell handmade prints and embossed journals and cards. I'd never done a craft fair before! I was interested but intimidated, and I didn't think I could do it so soon after launching my business. After going though the boot camp, it increased confidence! The checklist/packing lists were very helpful and got me thinking about what I needed to bring. It also showed me that my instincts were right! I honestly kept the last email in my unread messages for months because it was such a good resource for websites/services.

The boot camp is free, so why not join? Each email was jam-packed with practical tools and advice that made selling at craft fairs more accessible to someone just starting out. I felt like I had a friend walking me through everything! It's a lot of information and a great reference tool! I'd recommend the boot camp to anyone looking to sell at a craft fair for the first time, anyone looking to streamline their processes and experienced sellers who want to kick it up a notch.

The emails were long and chock full of tips. I saved all of the emails and refer back to them, so the content was spot on. Overall, it was great, and I really appreciate you making it available for free!

Danielle Rothman

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