100+ Essential tools and resources for your creative business

Discover my 100+ essential online tools & resources for your creative business, so you can learn how to grow your business, be more productive, make more money, have more free time and become the successful entrepreneur you want to be! Click on the discover your essential resources and tools you need to implement in your creative handmade business today!

The internet is a wonderful place full of tools and resources (and usually free!) that are designed to make your creative business life easier, to inspire you and help your business to grow. Over the years, I’ve collated some kickass resources that I’d like to share with you on your creative business journeys.

I will be continually adding to this list! If you have come across any others that are totally awesome, please share in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list.

I’m sharing why I might earn some pocket money for some ice cream… 🍦
*The links with asterisks are affiliate links which means I may earn some pocket money for ice cream (but not enough for a pug) if you purchase through these links. The pocket money I may earn will be at no additional cost to you. I’ve bought these products and currently use them in my businesses.) I would never recommend anything to you my Nerd Burger friend that I haven’t found to be helpful for my businesses.



Domain and website hosting


Building your email list + grow your traffic to make more online sales


Boost your Instagram following + engagement


Selling physical and digital products online




Video hosting


Capturing and managing email subscribers

Community + surveys


Email service provider (ESP)


Email/Inbox management


Time + project management


Productivity + client scheduling


Cloud storage


Client Management Tools


Business + Accounting


Social Media scheduling

Social Media analytics


Web links management

Content curation



Graphic Design (fonts, Photoshop, Indesign goodies etc)


Stock photos


Online tutorials


Printing of marketing materials


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Monica is a corporate cubical escape artist turned jewellery maker, designer and creative business infopreneur. She helps fellow artists, designers and makers launch and grow a handmade business they love.
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