How excited would you feel earning your first $1000+?

How excited would you feel earning your first $1000 from your handmade products? Click through to discover my proven methods and strategies that’s helped me to go from $0 to my first $1000 at my first ever handmade designer's showcase and consistently earn multiple 4 figures since through selling at craft fairs.

Last week, I announced my new course called From Idea to Reality, my proven methods and strategies that’s helped me to go from $0 to my first $1000 at my first ever handmade designer’s showcase and consistently earn multiple 4 figures since through selling at craft fairs.

And of course, you have questions! I’ve received a lot of emails from you guys and thought I’d share the answers here with you.

Here are your questions, answered!

Who is this for?
This is for creative makers, designers and artists who:

  • Want to get serious about growing an engaged community who are excited and take the next step to make more money and turn their creativity into a real business (not just a hobby)
  • Looking to learn new proven skills and strategies to make more sales in a non slimy way, so you can do more of what you love doing,
  • Is looking to develop and expand their network and get access to a support group to give and get feedback and be held accountable – without action you’re not progressing – don’t worry that’s it not perfect, imperfect action is better than no action at all,
  • Are time poor and need a comprehensive course that fits around their busy schedules so you can digest the material when it’s most convenient for you,
  • Are ready to invest in themselves and their business, maximise the upcoming opportunities in the holiday season and earn your first $1000 and beyond!

How long do I have access to the course?
You’ll have lifetime access to the course! None of this “You’ll have access to the course for 1 year” bullshit. EW. No my friend, you get LIFETIME access!

Although the course is designed to have a new module released once a week for 8 weeks, it’s understandable that life sometimes gets busy. The online boot camp can be studied at your own pace, so if you don’t complete all the adult homework in that allocated week, it’s OK. Take your time to digest and implement when you’re ready. But remember to implement because that’s the key!

What date does the course commence?
The course will officially commence on Monday, 3rd October 2016.

You’ll receive access to your first lesson on that day, via the Teachable platform with a new module released each week for 8 weeks.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes! From Idea to Reality has a 14 day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason, you feel that this course isn’t right for you and your business, just send me us email and we’ll issue you a full refund. All we ask, is that you show us that you’ve read the content and completed the worksheets and tried to implement the strategies contained within the lessons.

The strategies will only work, if you put the work in. As long as you have completed the work, you’ll be eligible to request for a refund. We believe that if you implement the strategies contained within the course you’ll be able to achieve success and grow your business through selling at craft fairs and design markets.

Is this suitable for beginners?
Yes. These are the strategies I use in my own business that’s helped me to go from $0 to my first $1000 and beyond selling at craft fairs and markets.

There’s lots of free resources I could just google on selling at craft fairs and design markets, why should I buy your course?
Sure there are a lot of free resources you could google, but a lot of those may be out of date, irrelevant to your business or just plain incorrect information.

You could spend your precious time, googling and sifting through the masses of information to achieve very little, or you could choose to invest some time and money into the right areas that matter and achieve your desired results quicker and smarter.

Does the course have any networking/community aspect where the students would get to meet and participate with each other?
Yes, there will be a LIVE group chat that is open 24/7 so you can live chat with others in the course, connect and network (I’ll be in there too).

Does the course include access to write or Skype with you directly regarding any questions or ideas we might have that are related to the material or our business? 
The live chat will be the primary place for this, but there is also a group coaching workshop and Q + A in week 4 to make sure you’re on track. This is in addition to the 24/7 Facebook group live chat with me and everyone else! So there’ll also be lots of potential for collaboration and networking.

How many hours do I need to invest to get results?
If you join the course on it’s launch starting 3rd October, you’ll receive a new module of content each week. The course is designed to be self-paced, so work your way through the content at a speed that works for you.

As for the number of hours you’ll need to invest each, it depends on how far advanced you are in your business and how quickly you want to work through the material.
On average, I’d recommend 5 – 10 hours per week depending on the week’s topic. (i.e. if you’re building your stall display – this may take more time, than implementing some quick changes to your social media profiles)

What if I’m busy on the date of the live group check in workshop, will there be a replay?
Don’t worry if you can’t make the live group session, it’ll be recorded and uploaded into the portal for you to watch at another time! But I highly recommend you block out that time in your calendar, so you can get the maximum benefit out of the session.

When you join today, you’ll get:

  • You’ll receive lifetime access to 8 epic modules designed to show you exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it,
  • All my step by step guides and actionable strategies that work for me and have earned me multiple 4 figures each fair,
  • Interactive and customisable templates, workbooks, checklists and more and more to help you implement the strategies and get the results you want – quicker and smarter!
  • My secret do-it-yourself tips, tools and resources – so you don’t break the bank whilst you’re starting up

PLUS the bonuses including

  • You’ll get access to our private live group Facebook community (open
  • 24/7) – BONUS $99 value
  • Live check in workshop & Q&A for accountability – BONUS $49 value
  • All future updates to the course – priceless
  • All future course bonuses – priceless

Get all of this for the special pre-sale price of $147.

This is CRAZY!! This is almost $300 worth of goods for $147.

ENROLL NOW to join the course to take advantage of the special pre-sale bundle at the most affordable price I’ll ever offer it at and SAVE $100!

At 11.59pm 2nd October 2016 AEST, the price will increase to $247! I’d hate to receive an email from you on Monday telling me you missed on the awesome pre-sale price of $147. This is the most affordable price the course + all the awesome fast action bonuses will be – SO DO NOT MISS OUT AND ENROLL NOW!

We start on the 3rd October 2016. Let’s get ready!

Make a promise and commitment to yourself to take your business to achieve new heights this upcoming holiday season. Put your business in front of opportunity and maximise the opportunities ahead!

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Monica is a corporate cubical escape artist turned jewellery maker, designer and creative business infopreneur. She helps fellow artists, designers and makers launch and grow a handmade business they love.
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