Go from $0 to earning your first $1000+ and achieve success at your next Craft Fair and Design Market!

The 60 day Craft Fair and Design Market Boot Camp

Are you struggling to make sales online but the thought of selling face to face at fairs makes you nervous and sweaty?

  • Do you feel confused about pricing your work and aren't sure how much is fair to charge for your creative work?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the preparation required to sell at a craft fair or design market? In between trying to figure out how much stock to bring, packaging, building a stall, public liability insurance and goodness knows what else - it's just all too much!!
  • Are you on every social media platform promoting your business, but feel like you're not getting any traction at all? Your number of fans are stagnant and fluctuate all the time,  you barely receive any real comments (you're sick of spam bot comments) and all your hard work is not converting into sales at all.
  • Have you tried selling at craft fairs and design markets before, only made $13 profit and decided that selling at fairs and markets sucked?
  • But despite all this, you know deep down in your gut that your creative business could thrive, if only you could get focussed and get some real direction to overcome these obstacles...

If you answered YES! to any of the above, you're in the RIGHT place!

You're a maker who's sick of wasting time and money on strategies that don't work and feeling like a failure.

A lot of creative people often push their dreams onto the back burner because they think their present situation is not the "right time". You look for excuses and tell yourself someday:

  • "When I have more time..."
  • "When I have more money..."
  • "When I have more products..."
  • "When I have more experience I'll do more craft fairs and design markets...."

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the idea of figuring it all out on your own or you've tried previously and it's been so stressful because you don't have a system or plan?

Maybe it's fear that holds you back? More often than not, this vague "some day" never comes (because let's be honest, "someday" is not an actual day in the week) and also you never made selling at craft fairs and design markets a priority.

But guess what? This someday is never going to come, because there is never a PERFECT time. The most perfect time has already come and gone and it was yesterday! Since you missed starting yesterday, the next perfect time is today!

Life is not a rehearsal but the here and now. Leave behind the guilt of your previous mistakes and excuses and take positive action today!


Wouldn't it be nice to get instant access to a tried and tested road map so you know what and when to do to earn your first $1000 selling your handmade goods?

In From Idea to Reality, I'll show you exactly what I did leading up to and during my first craft fair/design market to make my first $1000 in under 4 hours!

You'll receive all the exact tools, strategies I use and support you need to earn your first $1000 and beyond and achieve success selling at craft fairs and design markets!

It's my tried and tested system that's designed as a roadmap to help you turn your idea of success into reality and start living the creative and successful business life you desire!

You know what the best part of From Idea to Reality is?

  • You don't need a fancy website or any complicated tech to get started.
  • ​You don't need a big email list or a large social media following, when you know how to engage with the people who are paying attention to you, right now.
  • You don't even need to be good at sales to make more sales when you learn how to use my simple, but powerful sales system that will have customers giving you their hard-earned money without hesitation and becoming raving fans who excitedly share about your business with their friends and family.

From Idea to Reality is the course to help you earn your first $1000+ from your handmade goods at markets!

  • You know you're great at what you do. Your customers love your products and the customer service you provide. But you feel like the best kept secret in town because you're just not getting referrals or inquiries from new potential customers,
  • You feel like you've been spinning your wheels for months {maybe even years} plugging away at social media, blogging, and generally working really hard to grow your community - but you know there is a disconnect between all this great marketing activity and new customers coming in the doors,
  • You're tired of hearing 'you're too expensive' from potential customers-- or on the opposite end of the spectrum, feeling like the only way to get people to buy your products is running a discount sale.
  • If you're an action taker who is ready to roll up your sleeves, upgrade your sales skills, and implement like crazy to make a massive difference for your business for years to come (when you have these systems in place, you'll finally be able to let your business work FOR YOU), I can't wait to help you!

From Idea to Reality is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to get:​

  • Your application noticed and accepted into the right craft fairs and design markets, so you can put your products and your business in front of opportunity again and again,
  • It will help you set your business up for long term online success that helps you generate consistent sales, create an authentically branded stall layout that attracts the right customers and grows your loyal fan base,
  • It'll take you through how to craft an unforgettable customer experience, all the way to celebrating, reflection, planning for future craft fairs and design markets and making new and bigger goals!


I'll share my step-by-step guides and actionable strategies so you can achieve your goals faster! Each module is designed to help you grow your creative business no matter if you're just starting to sell at craft fairs and design markets or if you're a seasoned seller.



You'll receive relevant interactive, customisable templates and guided workbooks breaking down the week's content into smaller, more manageable steps for you to apply them to your business. Without action and being 'busy' without intention, means nothing!



I'll share with you do-it-yourself (DIY) and affordable tools and resources that I use so you don't need to break the bank whilst you're starting up.

    • You no longer have to feel overwhelmed at the enormity of selling at craft fairs and design markets. Take charge and follow the step-by-step strategies to earn real money from your creative passion and start living the successful life you desire,
    • Find and grow your tribe - people who go crazy over your products, tell their friends and family about them and become lifelong customers,
    • Meet other likeminded creatives who want to grow their business through selling at craft fairs and design markets! Become friends, form your own mastermind groups, bounce ideas off one another and expand your support network!
    • From Idea to Reality is a culmination of what I've learned over the last 10 years. 5 years as an online business owner, 3 years as a client facing accountant at one of the Big 4 global accounting firms. This includes 7 years of retail experience including David Jones (Australia's oldest department store) and most recently at the Sydney Flagship store of Tiffany & Co.
    • Seriously skip one dinner out to pay for this, use these strategies and make it back in SPADES! It'll cost you more in time and money if you decide to go it alone and try and figure it out by yourself, but when you enrol in the course today, you'll be getting the tried and tested strategies I use in my own business - that's helped me and my students earn multiple 4 figure amounts selling at craft shows and design markets!

What will I get in From Idea to Reality?

From Idea to Reality is here and is your comprehensive guide to make this year, your best year yet for your creative business!

Module 1

Learn about the different types of craft fairs and markets, the 11+ benefits of selling at them and why you need to start now otherwise you're leaving money on the table (when it can be in your bank account!) and define your target customer like they're your best friend,

Module 2

Setting up a strong online presence is vital to give your application the best chance and also for long term growth! We'll cover branding, which shop platform and social media channels are best for your business, product photography and more!

Module 3

Learn how to determine which fairs are a good fit for your business, craft an amazing application that gets noticed and gets you into the right fairs and markets and how to deal with rejection. (It happens!)

Module 4

Unlock my secrets to how you should prepare for your craft fair or design market - everything from how much stock and money to bring, organising helpers, packaging, marketing and packing!

Module 5

Branding and building your fair booth that's authentic and unapologetically you from scratch! I'll reveal my tips and tricks to help you build an attractive stall with simple DIY ideas that won't cost you $$$!

Module 6

Learn how to craft an unforgettable customer experience, deal with difficult customers and my powerful systems and strategies to break down buyers' obstacles and sell in a way that's natural to you.

Module 7

My tips and tricks on what to do, when, why and how during the craft fair and design market to make the most of your time - everything from how to build your email list, building your network and more!

Module 8

It's time to celebrate, reflect and plan the future! Learn the metrics that matter most, how to follow up on new connections made, objectively evaluate the show and plan for the next event!

My journey from idea into reality

Monica Ng, Designer & Owner of Geometric Skies

I didn't always think that I was the "creative type". I NEVER imagined I'd become a jewellery and objects designer and maker. Growing up in a very traditional Chinese family, there was always a strong emphasis on the academic subjects like mathematics and science. Studying these theory based subjects was the only life I knew.

Even though as a child I loved drawing and arts and crafts, the elusive dream of using my creativity in my future career was just not a possibility at all. Almost a "joke" because anything that involved creativity was just seen as a "hobby" only. Nothing more. It was definitely not a subject my parents wanted me to take for my Higher School Certificate (HSC), because those subjects "don't scale well". Not to mention they "wouldn't help me get a high enough UAI to get into a "respectable" course at university."

So I listened to my parents and after I graduated in 2011 with a respectable Business/Arts degree I began work at one of the Big 4 accounting firms. I worked hard to the routine of 50-60 hour weeks for 1.5 years, before I realised that accounting wasn't for me. I spent the latter part of 2012 thinking about my escape plan. Always just thinking. No action. Because I had no idea what I would do! Was I going to leave my job to just go into industry? To carry out the same accounting process day in day out? (Um no thanks.) If I didn't go down this route, would I leave behind 7 years of my life dedicated to this career to retrain in something else?! Not to mention the "shame" it would bring to my parents, to have "wasted" all those years...

It was only in 2013, that I realised that although my Etsy shop was a hobby, I've always enjoyed designing and making jewellery. So I thought maybe there was something more to this hobby? Whenever I wore my jewellery out and about, I always received really encouraging feedback and compliments from both friends and strangers . My first showcase at RAW Artists in mid 2013 reconfirmed this. It was the craziest 4 hours of my life that night! The people I met were so excited and enthusiastic about my designs. It was the biggest buzz to interact with them, to receive their hard earned money for my jewellery and an encouragement that I should further pursue jewellery design. Most amazing of all, I earned more money in under 4 hours than I did in a week at my full time job!

This was the beginning of something amazing that changed everything.

I quit my accounting job by year-end and got accepted into the Jewellery and Object Design course at The Design Centre, Enmore. I retrained for 2 years and haven't been happier since! I no longer dread Mondays, but get up excited for what the day holds. I get to do something I genuinely enjoy and connect with people from all around the world. Life is too short to be slaving away at some job you hate, making some old, guy rich. Grab it by the balls and do something positive to move your life towards the vision you want to make into a reality!

Make selling at craft fairs and design markets your secret weapon and earn your first $1000+ at your next market! 

Is From Idea to Reality right for me?


  • Want to get serious about growing an engaged community who are excited and take the next step to make more money and turn their creativity into a real business (not just a hobby anymore!),
  • Looking to learn new proven skills and strategies to generate consistent sales in a non slimy way, so you can do more of what you love doing,
  • Is looking to develop and expand their network and get access to a support group to give and get feedback and be held accountable - without action you're not progressing but don't worry that it's not perfect, imperfect action is better than no action at all,
  • Are time poor and need a comprehensive course that fits around their busy schedules so you can digest and implement the material when it's most convenient for you,
  • Are ready to invest in themselves and their business, maximise the upcoming opportunities in the holiday season and earn your first $1000 and beyond!


  • People who don't make handmade goods,
  • People who are lazy and can't be bothered to do the hard work to reap the rewards,
  • People who aren't serious about growing their business and are happy to continue being a hobby business.

What are student's saying?

"From Idea to Reality broke down each step of the way, so I felt completely supported and knew exactly what I should do and when to do it. I'm usually a really nervous and introverted person, but going through the course gave me confidence and I made more than $1000 at my last fair! Monica is a really great teacher and made it really easy to understand and implement her strategies! I'm so grateful for this course, it's been a game changer." - Cherry Y.

"I tried selling at some markets before, but the lack of sales made me want to give up, until I came across your course. I was skeptical at first, but after implementing your strategies, HOLY CRAP, I'm so happy to have bought this course! I always knew I could do it, but after your helpful direction and guidance, I feel so much more confident and finally earning money! It's the best feeling." - Therese K.

"I've made back my investment, many, many, many times over! Join From Idea to Reality now, because it simply works! All practical and no fluff! You won't regret it." - Elyssa J.

Enjoy the exclusive bonuses to the value of $280+ that are designed to help you earn your first $1000+ when you join!

From Idea to Reality Deluxe Package
Access to our private Facebook Community

BONUS $100 value

This is where you can interact with others and support one another as you're going through the course. The private group chat is a space to ask questions, share ideas and get support. Make friends with other creative business owners, collaborate and meet up (in person if you wish!) I'll be in the chat too and I can't wait to help you grow your creative businesses and help you earn real money through selling at craft fairs and design markets!


Live Q&A accountability office hour

BONUS $50 value

Half way through the course, join in on a live Q&A office hour, where I'll be answering any questions you may have! Check in and stay accountable to your goals with other Nerd Burger Friends.


The Ultimate Social Media Graphics Templates Package
The Ultimate Social Media Graphics Template Package

BONUS $50 value

You'll be the proud owner of more than 10 beautifully designed blog post and social media templates! Use these templates to save time, create consistent and beautiful visuals that will help you cement your brand, build your community and attract your target customer to generate more sales.


Craft Fair Application Template
The Craft Fair Application Template

BONUS $30 value

Use your beautifully designed Craft Fair Application template to get your craft fair application noticed, the organiser's excited and your shop accepted! All you need is to just drag and drop with your product photos, enter your captions, save and send!


Quarterly Excel Planner
The Quarterly Excel Planner

BONUS $14 value

The exact template I use to plan and track my marketing tasks, general weekly tasks, and financial and non-financial goals for the quarter.

Ready to make your first $1000 and beyond?

Make a promise and commitment to yourself to take your business to achieve new heights this year. Dare to put your business in front of opportunity and maximise the opportunities that lay ahead!

The Deluxe course package

From Idea to Reality Deluxe Package
    • Lifetime access to 8 epic modules,
    • Unlimited access to FREE future course updates,
    • All future course bonus materials for FREE
    • Interactive soft copy worksheets, templates, checklists and more,
    • Immediate access to our private Facebook support group (BONUS $100 value),
    • Live Mid session Q&A Accountability office hour (BONUS $50)
    • The Ultimate Social Media Graphics Package (BONUS: $50 value),
    • The Craft Fair Application Template (BONUS: $30 value),
    • The Quarterly Excel Planner (BONUS: $14 value)
    • 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee!


Frequently Asked Questions 'From Idea to Reality' students asked before saying: "HECK YES!"

Woohoo, I've just joined the course! What happens next?

What date does the course commence?

How long do I have access to the course?

How many hours do I need to invest to get results?

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Is this a course for beginners?

There's lots of free resources I could just google on selling at craft fairs and design markets, why should I buy your course?

I've got a question that wasn't covered here


Although I have represented this online course ('From Idea to Reality') in an honest and open manner, the strategies will work, only if you put the work in. If you purchase the course, we cannot make any guarantees to the actual results you will achieve. Your results are dependant on many varying factors including but not limited to your skills, knowledge, price points and quality of your products, self discipline, dedication and business acumen. As these factors vary from individual to individual, I cannot guarantee your level of success or income or revenue you may earn through participating in this course.

If you dedicate yourself to understanding and implementing the strategies discussed in this course, I will support you as much as I can. Success won't happen overnight, and ultimately you are responsible for the outcomes and results you want to achieve.

Live the creative and successful life you're capable of achieving: Join From Idea to Reality today!

From Idea to Reality: Get noticed, make money from your creativity and grow your business! The 60 day craft fair and design market boot camp designed to help you succeed at your next event! Click through to read more or save the pin for later!
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