Why likes and favourites won’t help you make sales

Why likes and favourites won't help you make sales. Why building your email list is the way to make online sales in 2017. Click through to discover the 3 reasons why and how you can start building your email list to turbo charge your online sales for your handmade business! Also download your FREE opt in ideas cheat sheet for handmade businesses!


I often get emails, messages in my Facebook group and other social media from handmade business owners who tell me that they get loads of views and favourites in their Etsy shop or likes and comments on their social media posts but these never convert into actual sales! If you can relate, you’re feeling frustrated and can’t work out what’s going on, read on!

Although there are instances where people do buy on their first ‘contact’ with your product, but these impulse purchases usually happen when there’s already a level of confidence or trust with the brand, like if your shop is on Etsy. Etsy is a big and trusted brand and they know, if anything happens, there are other channels they can pursue to rectify their problem. But if they arrive on your standalone website – like your Shopify website, and you’re an emerging brand that’s starting out, there’s a high barrier stopping them from purchasing because:

  • There’s a low level of trust and confidence because they are not familiar with your brand
  • They may worry that you’re a dodgy front and they may not get their product after they have paid amongst various other reasons.

So it’s all well and good if someone has liked your image on Instagram or gave you a heart on Etsy, but what good is it, if they forget about the product or your shop entirely afterwards? That’s why, as great as it is to receive a like or a favourite or convert the casual viewer into a social media follower (they have some chance to see your updates – depending on many variable factors such as time of day you post, timezone they’re in, if the algorithm even shows them your post, if you choose to pay to boost your post etc) what’s even better is converting this casual viewer into an email list subscriber! Let me explain…



In marketing there’s a general rule that viewers need to be exposed to your product at least 7 times before they’re ready to make a purchase. Of course sometimes there will be exceptions that we have already discussed, but otherwise, 7 times is the minimum number of times they need to see it, before they’re actually paying attention. So don’t stop even after 7 times of sharing your product(s), some customers may need 8, 9, 10, or even 50+ times before they think about taking action or buy your product.

With so much advertising bombarding us everyday, from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Persicope), email, TV/Radio/magazine ads to billboards – is it any wonder sometimes we just don’t notice it and miss products that could actually improve our lives or solve a problem? So how the heck are you going to share your marketing message at least 7 times amongst all this advertising noise? The solution is simple, keep sharing a consistent marketing message to your target customers and share it as many times as necessary to make the sale, which is why email marketing is so great!



Email marketing is arguably the most powerful form of marketing you can use. Email has been around for a long time, much longer than some of the most popular social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Relying solely on those social media platforms means you’re building your empire on rented land (i.e. you don’t own your Instagram account and your followers, Instagram does) so therefore you have to play by their rules and you don’t have a direct line of communication with your audience. If your audience follows many accounts or are not on at the time that you post, they could miss your posts. If your preferred social media platform suddenly changes their algorithm or decide to charge money where it was previously free, what would you do?

Email marketing is completely different. The email list is yours and no matter what happens to your social media channels, you have complete control over your email list. By providing you with their email, your reader is allowing you into their personal space. They’ve given you their email, so they want to hear from you. So don’t be afraid of emailing your readers! Make the most of each email you send and only send them valuable content. If you’re not sure what your audience wants, ask them! Building your email list is your business’ best asset should be your priority to start today! Also don’t forget to give, give, give before asking

With the fickle nature of social media these days, having your potential customer’s email is gold! There’s a high likelihood they will actually open and read your email – because it’s addressed to them. They shared their email address with you, because they WANT to hear from you. They invited you into their personal space, because they’re interested in you and your products! So treat this privilege with a high level of care and always provide value in all your emails.

Download the FREE worksheet!

Create your first opt in freebie for your blog and turn your blog into an email collection machine!


So what exactly does ‘value’ mean for a product seller? I know this term gets thrown around A LOT for service or digital product sellers and for them in a lot of ways, it seems easier to provide ‘value’ – because they can give ‘opt in’ freebies like ebooks or pdfs that teach their viewer how to do something. But obviously with product sellers, you’re not going to teach your potential customer how to make the product you sell! So what value can you provide as a handmade seller? I’ve created a little cheat sheet that will help you determine what your opt in freebie should be a list of ideas to get you started! Click below to download my cheat sheet for email list opt in ideas for product makers!

The online selling landscape in 2017 is extremely competitive and if you’re not already building your email list, you’re leaving money on the table! It’s cheaper to market to an existing customer and chances are, they’re more likely to turn into a repeat customer. Why do you want to ignore this opportunity, when you’ve already spent time, money and energy and found them already?! When a person purchases from you, it’s the beginning of your relationship with them. So it’s your job to nurture this relationship, because you never know what opportunities may come along, from having a relationship with this customer. If they’re particularly thrilled with your product, perhaps they’ll tell 3 of their friends who in turn buy from you and so on, word of mouth spreads. Maybe they’ve got an event coming up and want to place a bulk order?

Which is why I want to share my secret resource for how I learned how to build my email list from 0 to over 1500 subscribers in just 9 months which has been a complete game-changer for my business! To find out how I learned to do this in a step-by-step way, join The Nerd Burgers Club, because this will only be an exclusive I’ll be sharing to my Nerd Burger friends only!

But for now, I want you to focus on the first step which is to actually tell people that you have an email list and invite people to sign up! If you never tell anyone, no one will know or notice, so what better place to do it, than your Etsy shop. So here are 6 places where you can optimise your Etsy shop for email list conversions.


  1. A message after purchase

Optimise your Etsy Shop: Message to buyer

  • Under ‘your shop’, click on ‘Shop settings’, then ‘Info and appearance.
  • Scroll down and you’ll see a section for ‘Message to buyers’.
  • Add your prompts inside this section to join your email list.

2. First sentence or two in your shop announcement

Optimise your Etsy Shop: Shop announcement

I don’t know about you, but I practically never click on ‘read more’ in the shop announcement section, which makes any additional text you add in there, next to useless, because no one clicks on it to read it! Which is why the first sentence or two that you actually do see, can be a great spot to of course prompt people to join your email list!

3. In the footer of your private convos

Optimise your Etsy Shop: Footer in Convos

If you’re not already including a small footer with links to your email opt in in all your private convos, then you’re missing out on opportunities for the person you’re talking to, to join your email list! Type up your footer with links to your email list opt in and press ‘Save this snippet’. So whenever you’ve finished typing up your message. All you have to do is insert your snippet as the footer, before you hit send!

4. As a physical card in your package

When your customer opens up their package, their excitement levels are high and what better time than to share a prompt encouraging to join your email list! You may either choose to get these printed professionally or add it as part of your handwritten note. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do and ask!


5. Underneath listing descriptions

Optimise your Etsy Shop: Bottom of listing descriptions

If a potential customer has scrolled all the way to the bottom, chances are they’re pretty interested in your product and therefore that much more likely to join your email list.


6. As the 5th image in your listing

Optimise your Etsy Shop: 5th image in your listing

The more images the viewer clicks through and looks at, the more interested they are in your product. So if you don’t have 5 product images already, it’s a good idea to add a 5th image that prompts the viewer to join your email list! Most of these have been text based so far, so it doesn’t hurt to prompt people using images too! Maybe the irresistible offer they get from joining your email list will push them over the edge to not only join, but buy your product too!

I know this email marketing jargon can feel overwhelming, especially if this is the first time you’re dipping your toes into this new area. I mean what the heck is a domain, a landing page, an email opt in and Mailchimp?! Which is why I’ll be doing some follow up posts in this mini series, that covers:

  • how to set up a blog from scratch, so you can start collecting email addresses of your prospective and previous customers,
  • how to create your opt in freebie with free design and tech resources,
  • how to create landing pages,
  • how to set up your email responder (where you store your email subscriber’s details and deliver the digital freebie).

Finally! Nerd Burger action time!

  • Decide on the wording of how you want to invite people to join your email list,

Download the FREE worksheet!

Create your first opt in freebie for your blog and turn your blog into an email collection machine!

Monica is a corporate cubical escape artist turned jewellery maker, designer and creative business infopreneur. She helps fellow artists, designers and makers launch and grow a handmade business they love.
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