Meet Monica

Name: Monica Ng
Home town: Sydney, Australia
Occupation: Ex-big 4 Accountant, jewellery and object designer and maker, creative business infopreneur at The Nerd Burgers

Majors: Finance/Accounting & Mandarin
Aspiration: Being fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and French
Favourite books: A short history of nearly everything, The kite runner, Harry Potter – Prisoner of Azkaban/The goblet of fire, Ice station, Contest
Favourite cities: Paris, San Francisco, London, Barcelona, New York

A little about my start in the glorious world of jewellery making/designing:

At the end of 2013 I made a life changing decision. I closed a 9 year chapter of my life, dedicated to building up my accounting career as a financial services auditor in a Big 4 accounting firm to become a jewellery designer and metalsmith.

It all started in 2009, when I started to dabble in jewellery design as a hobby. I made a few necklaces and bracelets for myself at the time and as I started to receive more compliments and positive comments from random people on the street and friends/family, I was encouraged to indulge the idea of opening an online shop.

My Etsy shop – Geometric Skies kicked off to a slow and humble start in 2011. The stresses of full time work and life in general, meant my jewellery shop remained stagnant for a long time. In 2013, I decided to devote more time and energy to see if this was a real passion or just a passing fad. In 2013, some opportunities arose and it was proof that I could do this. I was hand-selected as 1 of 40 independent artists in RAW’s premiere Sydney showcase. “The Harper” grenade necklace was chosen by EtsyAU to exhibit as part of their interactive shopping experience in the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Furthermore my work was incredibly well received at specialty and local markets such as the Finders Keepers, Bondi and Kirribilli to name a few highlights. It was an incredible feeling that people were so excited about a product I made with my own two hands!!

I had an epiphany! I really enjoyed connecting with my customers. I loved meeting and becoming friends with other artists and designers. I didn’t want to wake up at 45 years old and face a mid life crisis! I didn’t want to handle vlookups and pivot tables in Excel. I didn’t want to write reports that no one read or really cared about. I didn’t want to regret not pursing jewellery design. I reevaluated my life choices and I knew that my accounting career wasn’t going to make me happy. I took a leap of faith and left behind 9 years of my life dedicated to accounting. I to TAFE to retrain in jewellery making and kickstart my jewellery business! It was the best decision EVER!

I’ve learnt many lessons so far (and continue to keep learning) in this new chapter of my life! Some lessons were hard, some inspiring but all of which I want to share with you, which is why I started The Nerd Burgers.

I want people to discover how awesome you and your work are!

I want to help you launch and grow your creative business from scratch.

I want you to be an Epic Boss in your Nerd Burger pursuits!

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