Oops! I’ve made some HUGE mistakes

Oops! I've made some huge mistakes in my handmade business and how I learned from them to 3x my income. Everything is getting real today. We need to talk about all the many mistakes I see people making when they try to grow their online business and selling at craft fairs and to avoid them! Click through to see how you can learn from my mistakes!

Everything is getting real today.

We need to talk about all the many mistakes I see people making when they try to grow their online business and selling at craft fairs and to avoid them!

Some of these I have intimate experiences with…meaning yeah – I’ve totally made these mistakes in the past myself.

I enjoy repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
– Said no one ever.


  1. Your craft fair application was rejected

Before you press submit on your application form, you’ve got to pay attention to the details and make sure you’ve followed all the rules and supplied all the relevant information succinctly and clearly.

The organisers of the event have hundreds if not thousands of applications to sift through and often need to cull a lot of applications. If you submitted yours after the deadline, have poor spelling and grammar, were careless with the rules or have poor product photography, chances are your application got rejected. You’ve wasted your time, energy, and had your hopes dashed.


  1. Inconsistent branding

You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression and you’re definitely not going to if your booth display is unattractive.

  • Your overall display isn’t cohesive and isn’t it an accurate visual representation of your brand. E.g. if you sell baby clothes and the brand attributes you’re aiming for are: sweet, natural and high quality – you probably shouldn’t have a lot of dark colours like black or things like skulls and vampires, haha. But rather lighter, brighter colours, animals, warm earth tones.
    • Result: Your customer is confused. People DO NOT BUY with a confused mind.
  • Clashing or crazy, busy patterned tablecloths and decor compete for attention against your products
    • Result: Your stall is an eyesore and not worth a second glance.
  • Items are not easily accessible (items placed too high, too low, not making use of all space available)
    • Result: Products not being easily accessible means it’s another obstacle stopping the customer on their buying decision journey. They feel awkward asking especially if you look busy or are actually busy. They will walk away and not buy.
  • There’s no signage or marketing materials (business name, business card/post cards etc)
    • Result: It’s not obvious who you are or what do you. It’s not easy for visitors/customers to share who you are with their network.
  • Products and packaging look messy and disorganised
    • Result: Your brand image is tarnished and there’s a negative feeling associated with your brand being cheap, disorganised and not professional.
  1. Inappropriate pricing

Pricing is so much more than just the cost of materials and labour! As an artist or handmade maker, it can be all too easy to undervalue your work and not charge your worth. You may find it difficult to come to a price that accurately reflects the years of study and experience you’ve accumulated, your creativity and originality. So if you’re only charging the bare minimum to cover your materials cost and labour, because you’re afraid that if you charge what’s fair, no one will buy from you, your pricing is wrong. But guess what, someone like you is probably not your target market and believe me – there are people out there who have the capacity and will gladly pay you what you’re worth. You just need to find them and connect with them.

Furthermore you’re not putting your business in the best position to become sustainable in the medium to long term, because you’re most likely not charging appropriately for overheads or accounting for a profit margin either – I used to be an accountant, I would know!


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  1. Ineffective marketing

Ever felt a case of FOMO (a fear of missing out) and tried to have an active presence on all the social media channels? But felt like it was never ending, you were stretched too thin, you couldn’t keep up and nothing you tried was effective in building up and connecting with your community?

Are you focussing your efforts on the wrong things? What’s the point of having 10k Instagram followers, if they never visit your shop, buy your products or read your blog? Although social media can be effective and fun as part of your marketing strategy, but if social media is your only strategy and a wishy washy one at best, it’s going to be difficult growing your brand, your community and ultimately your sales.

  1. No support network and poor time management

As a small business owner, you may not know many people in your immediate circle of friends and family who are pursuing creative business goals. You may try and explain your frustrations to them, but because they don’t have a business of their own, they don’t 100% ‘get’ you and the things that happen to and within your business. It can feel lonely, and tiring when you have no one to talk with when you need advice, no one to cheer you on when things are shit, so you do what’s easiest: You give up and walk away.

When you’re doing something for the first time, it can be overwhelming because you don’t know where to start or focus your attention on. You feel paralyzed and as a result of a lack of preparation, you end up turning up to the fair or market looking disorganised and not maximising the opportunity.

This is not going to happen when you join From Idea to Reality. You’ll get immediate access and join a likeminded community of people on the same path as you. Who’ll support you and cheer you on to overcome obstacles and struggles on your path to success!

When you join the course, you get access to an organised system that maps out the exact steps and timeline you need to follow in order to complete your preparation on schedule, without stress, within budget and maximise your opportunity at the fair or market to build your community and real money from your creativity.

How much are these making these common mistakes costing you?

In engaged social media followers, email subscribers, customers and sales?

So many of us have these incredible opportunities RIGHT UNDER OUR FACES – and we don’t even notice them. You have the potential to make $1000 and beyond at your next craft show or market, and you have the skills, the time and drive to do it – it’s there.

You just need someone else with years of retail sales experience to say “Hey, you’ve got a goldmine right here and you need to act on it FAST”.

So that’s what we do in From Idea to Reality.

Basically I help you not make these mistakes. And do awesome things instead. So you can grow your community and make money from your creativity. Simple.

If that sounds good to you – come join us.

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Monica is a corporate cubical escape artist turned jewellery maker, designer and creative business infopreneur. She helps fellow artists, designers and makers launch and grow a handmade business they love.
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