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When it comes to selling at Craft Fairs and markets, do these fears and doubts come to mind?

  • ​I work so hard, every day, every minute I can and my views just aren't converting into sales, what am I doing wrong?!
  • I'm not very techy savvy and I've tried taking photos for my products, but they just don't look professional. I'm afraid to invest in some good product photography because my shop isn't earning any money yet. 
  • I'm introverted and get so tongue-tied so I know I'm not good at selling! The last time I tried I only made $12, the weather was miserable and it was an overall horrible experience! I've never done another market since!
  • Building an on-brand booth that looks professional is sooo overwhelming, where do I even source my display props from? Is it going to be expensive? My shop isn't earning much money at the moment, I don't even know where to start!

These are all just obstacles or excuses your subconscious makes up, that's holding you back from achieving something amazing with your creative handmade business. This may sound harsh, but it's true. #toughlove

All you need is some guidance to get over these solvable obstacles and that's precisely what this no bullshit boot camp is designed to help you do!

Learn the secrets to craft fair success in 8 epic lessons:

8 epic lessons that'll show you exactly how to succeed at your next fair or market!
Lesson 1

Determine your SMART craft goals, find out which fairs and markets are right for you and demystify the financial numbers that should drive your decision making!

Lesson 2

Profit is not a dirty word! Learn the simple pricing formulae and how all the components fit together so that your products are competitively priced for long term business.

Lesson 3

Having an online home is foundational for your business' growth. Learn how to set yourself up online for long term success: everything from your blog, online shop to social media and more!

Lesson 4

Learn how to build and style your booth from scratch, so that it's authentically on-brand, attractive to the right customers, and won't cost you $$$!

Lesson 5

Discover my strategic secrets to finding out what your customers really want, how to stay creatively fresh and why working on your mindset is essential for long term success.

Lesson 6

Discover what the perfect customer experience is and how you can craft one that's authentically you to attract the right customers, make sales and build your tribe!

Lesson 7

The going can get tough as a solo creative business owner. Learn my simple productivity weapons to work smarter and more productively on the online sides of your creative business.

Lesson 8

Working every waking minute can leave you drained, lethargic and burnt out. Learn the simple tips and tricks to look after your business' best and most precious asset: YOU!

What students are saying...

I sell baby clothing and accessories and the thing I was struggling with, was crafting an application that got me accepted into fairs.

After going through the boot camp, I've been accepted to one market that I really wanted to get into and I'm on the second round offer list for a very large market! Don't hesitate to join the boot camp! The learnings are really practical. I think my market friends who are just starting out, or who are struggling to get over the initial small market hump would really benefit from joining the boot camp.

Lauren Bianchi

Handmade Artist


Loving your boot camp, really informative and much appreciated. Some organisers have contacted me through my Facebook page in regards to possible interest in setting up a stall at a Twilight Market. So with no further adieu I'm heading to my first craft market in November (wish me luck)!

Karen Khuu

I sell jewelry and my biggest challenge was crafting a great customer experience. The boot camp provided some great advice about crafting an amazing customer experience. All sellers, especially those who worry about a direct sell to their customers because they prefer online sales should do the boot camp.


I make personalized/custom made badge reels. I have never been a vendor at one but I've visited a few craft fairs, so basically I needed some introduction into how the craft fair world works and what to expect.

The boot camp was very informative. I have learnt how to conduct myself as a vendor, how to communicate with customers, that I should price my items before hand, how to market myself and so much more!

Chrisette DuQuesnay

I make candles. Before joining the boot camp, I was struggling with finding the right market for my range, but after going through it I learned how to identify new and suitable local markets and good tips for product photography.

All crafts people should get onboard and join the boot camp!

Kathy Hutton

I sell crochet stuffed animals and crochet art. I was just getting ready for my first fair the week I signed up for the boot camp. I knew I wasn't ready, but I think it was a wonderful learning experience. The bootcamp helped me to know what to look for at the fair and helped me a prepare for my booth.

After going through the boot camp it equipped me with a lot of tools to help me get my business organized. I realized after going through the bootcamp and the fair I was nowhere near organized enough! I'd recommend the boot camp to everyone - new and experienced, just jump in, it can't hurt. Even if it stuff you already know, I am sure that there is something little that can help you look at something differently.

Bailey Winters

My biggest problem was with pricing, deciding on the amount of stock to make and communication as well. Since finishing the boot camp, I've developed the confidence to do my first fair tomorrow! If you're an artisan, don't hesitate about the boot camp, just do it! The daily emails were just long enough to get through fairly quickly and without so much info to overload!

Maegan Clerihew

A changing but exciting landscape awaits you...

The world of creative small business has changed drastically in recent years and it's never been a more exciting time to be in this space. If you're creative, disciplined, focussed and eager to learn and implement, you're the right type of person who could really turn your creative passion into a real living income.

Just because you operate an online shop, doesn't mean you need to remain in the online world only. Through showcasing at craft fairs and design markets, you can bring a new experience from idea into reality for your customers. You can build a raving fan base, who adore you and your products, become lifelong customers and brand ambassadors.

This landscape rewards those who are resourceful, creative and have the guts (which I know you have, because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!) to put themselves out there in front of opportunity. If you’re struggling and overwhelmed by the whole idea of selling at craft fairs and design markets, how to market your shop and sell in an authentic and non-sleazy way, the FREE email course boot camp - Success at Craft Fairs and Design Markets boot camp was made just for you!

So are you ready to achieve success at craft fairs and design markets through building your raving fan base, make real money and expand your creative network and make lasting friendships with fellow makers?

Rose Miller: Fine Artist and Designer


"I really enjoyed this bootcamp and loved how you divided each lesson into specific and logical categories, and with each lesson you were so down to earth in your explanations and generous with your information and sources."

Rose Miller - Fine Artist and Designer

What will I get in the Success to Craft Fairs and Design Markets boot camp?

This is a free 8 day email course boot camp that shows you why you need to sell at craft fairs and design markets and more importantly how to do it - otherwise you're just leaving money on the table - money that could be in your bank account!

There are 8 lessons in this free email course boot camp. You'll receive one lesson a day, straight into your inbox, so get ready for some epicness!

With each lesson, there'll be accompanying worksheets, templates and other goodies to help you break the content down, work through it and implement them for your business!

All lessons are packed full of strategies that are fresh, tips and tricks that actually work and all tried and tested by yours truly designed to help you achieve success at your next fair or market!

What students are saying...


"I did my first design market on Sunday and it went really well. There was nothing I'd forgotten, I actually helped out a few other stands who were having trouble setting up, donating safety pins and stuff.

I'm a pretty anxious person when it comes to new environments so there was definitely the potential for stress but your advice really helped me to stay calm and made such a difference, I think it really let me relax about the logistics and concentrate on talking to people. I'm going on holiday today, but when I get back I'm going to sign up for a few more markets and fairs.

Of course I've been telling everyone about your course and will continue to do so, I'm really grateful."

Jane Kiely - Handmade Artist

Jane Kiely: Maker & Designer

Join hundreds of other makers, designers, artists and creative folk in the Success at Craft Fairs and Design Markets Boot Camp now!

Is this boot camp right for me?

This is NOT your typical "do these vague things and maybe you'll make some money at craft fairs and design markets" type of email course boot camp.

I hate wasting time (because it's the only commodity you cannot get more of) and money (so I don't want to waste either of those for you) - so this FREE email course boot camp shares the tried and tested strategies I use that work, which may go against everything you know about making real money from selling at craft fairs and design markets.


  • Someone who is ready to stop faffing about and is ready for opportunities and trying new things,
  • Someone who hates wasting time, wants to know where to focus their time, energy and resources and wants to start acting today!
  • Someone who is ready to work hard and pull up their sleeves to turn their creativity into a thriving business!


  • Someone who is lazy and can't be bothered to put in the hard work required,
  • Someone who doesn't want to put their handmade business in front of opportunities,
  • Someone who wants to keep wasting precious time and money on tired and vague advice!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


There's either a lot of vague and tired advice out there or the people who do know what they're doing, hold onto their secret sauce for fear of competition. It's hard starting out as a creative business owner and I think that there's definitely more than enough space for all of us to be successful, so why not share some of the lessons I've learned so far?

But on another note, I hope that after you take this free boot camp you'll join me in building up your tribe, who love you and your products and become lifelong customers which means you can keep doing what you love - creating and making - and being unapologetically you!



Hello! I'm Monica

Hello, my name is Monica Ng. I am an ex Ernst & Young accountant and spent 9 years of my life building my accounting career. I closed this chapter of my life in 2013 to become a handmade jewellery and objects maker and designer.

I run an online shop called Geometric Skies on Etsy, sell at specialty and local markets and completed my Jewellery and Object design Diploma at The Design Centre, Enmore in 2015. I was a guest contributor for the Creative Women’s Circle and also write for my creative business blog, The Nerd Burgers.

I have 10 years of experience working in customer and client based environments and in the most recent three years I've been selling through craft fairs and design markets for my jewellery and objects business.

I live in Sydney, Australia and for fun, I love watching foreign films, nomming on dessert and love frenchies, sausage dogs and pugs.

Don't leave money on the table, especially when that money could be in your bank account!

Join other makers, designers, artists and creative folk in the Success at Craft Fairs and Design Markets Boot Camp now!

Success at Craft Fairs and Design Markets Email Boot Camp | Are you struggling and confused about Craft Fairs and Design Markets? Stop! You don't have to be anymore - cut through the struggles and confusion and get the tried and tested strategies that teach you how to get into the right craft fairs, learn to sell in a way that's natural and genuine, without the sleaze and slime, grow your creative business and much more! Click to join our FREE 8 day email boot camp and start achieving success at craft fairs and design markets!